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About Us

Gujarat’s Leading Wholesale Distributors of Computer Peripherals

Established in year 1998, Earth Syscom started as a reseller of computer peripherals in Ahmedabad with a small team of 5. Earlier, Earth Syscom majorly focused on Desktop computers and desktop computer peripherals. With the evolving technology, Earth Syscom ventured into Laptop, Desktop, Server, PC, and many other peripherals’ which is majorly needed by home and enterprise users. As of today, our satisfied clientele includes small to large businesses and companies from all over Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in India. Our basic mantra of leading the competitive market is Quality and Customer Service. We understand the importance of quality hardware and how important it is for our clients to keep their systems up & running for enhanced productivity. They trust on us and we strongly believe in maintaining it.


Earth Syscom today is a well known brand in the market which ensures that customers get the required computer parts whether we deal in it or not. We as a business very well understand that businesses invest a large amount in implementing office infrastructure to grow their business. In such we offer cost effective parts to our clients with best customer service. We believe in growing our services across Gujarat and entire west region in coming few years.


Earth Syscom specializes in computer spare parts, computer repair, server upgradation, network infrastructure, network cables and maintenance. We are in continuous process of adding new and latest products to our portfolio by which customers can avail only upgraded products. Our mission is to build strong customer base and offer end-to-end solutions to customer by which they can one-stop-solution from Earth Syscom. Similarly, our goal is to create a complete network of resellers across different regions by which customers in various other cities can also get premium benefit of Earth Syscom. We focus on good margin and maximized business opportunities for our resellers so that they can also grow along with us. We are 100% channel oriented company.


Gone are the days when people use to majorly focus on ‘Buying Low’ and ‘Selling High’, our philosophy is simple ‘Buy Low’ – ‘Sell Low’ – ‘Deliver on Time’ with ‘Quality & Quantity’. From our years of experience we have learnt that customer should get the fare share of market discounts and depreciation in pricing. Honesty in business, excellent customer service, and cost effective products are simple mantra of our winning strategy in the cut-throat competitive market. We are proud of our customers who trusted and chose us for their orders. We assure to provide the best in class services.

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